Our company!

Rianta packaging systems has supplied far more than 10.000 Clipfix closing machines and packaging machines worldwide. They are used in many areas of the foodstuff, luxury food and consumer good industries. All machines are characterised by reliability, stability, easy handling and comfortable service. RIANTA packaging systems manufactures horizontally and vertically operating semi- and fully automatic bag filling and closing machines. These machines are highly accepted, also far beyond the bread industry.

In many cases also peripheral systems, such as cutting machines, conveyor systems, check weighing machines and collective packing machines are integrated and supplied. Vertically operating bag filling and closing machines are successfully used in the foodstuff and luxury food industries. Another manufacturing sector covers welding machines, which are mainly used in the sanitary paper product industry.

Rianta packaging systems enjoys a great innovation capability. Many technical innovations have for the first time been presented successfully on the market. The last product being introduced with a high acceptance was the metal-free, reclosable ClipStrip®plus with a tamper-evident closure. It goes without saying that all closing machine can now as before also be supplied with the common wire clip that has been on the market for many years.