ClipStrip plus

A success story - the ClipStrip plus by Rianta packaging systems

Rianta packaging systems is a leading manufacturer of clip closing machines for 55 years. The manufacturing programme includes semi- and fully automatic units with an output of up to 100 closures per minute. These closing machines are often also used in combination with horizontal and vertical forming filling and sealing machines as well as bag fillers. Thousands of machines are in everyday operation. The clip is frequently used for product information (price, date of production, best before date, etc.). Clip labels or hangtags are ideal advertising and information carriers that can be attached by means of a corresponding device.

WithClipStrip plus, Rianta packaging systems has now created a groundbreaking concept for a trend-setting clip closure that perfectly meets the market requirements:

- Tamper-evident closure (already standard in many areas)
- Metal-free closure, permitting to check the pack by means of a metal detector
- Reclosure making it possible to reclose the pack without any problems after having taken out some of the products
- Consumer-friendly handling thanks to the rounded edges

The consumers are delighted. Many foodstuff producers and bread factories already work with ClipStrip plus.

It is interesting that in this case the efficiency is even higher than when using the wire clip. There is no performance reduction. Also a subsequent installation into RIANTA machines or machines of other clip machine manufacturers can normally easily be made.


Tamper evident closure

open closure and breaking out plate

turn around the bag ...
.... and reclosing