Modular and Flexible Packaging Machine Solutions

Slicing, Stacking and Closing of Bakery Products

Products - Modular and Flexible Packaging
RIANTA SL4, SL6 - Slicing

Horizontal and vertical cutting of a wide variety of baked goods with a wide range of capacities from 20 products per minute all the way to 320 products per minute.
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RIANTA SVF450 - Stacking

With the special machines for industrial converting of flatbread we accommodate the trend of increasing automation of the packaging process in this bakery industry.
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RIANTA MNS Vario - Bagging & Closing
Bagging & Closing

Semi and fully automatic bagging machines: perfect for hand loading small batches for specialty product runs up to fully automatic machines with 75 packages per minute.
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Horizontal and Vertical Cutting of Bakery Products

Rianta Packaging Systems offers you a wide range of slicing equipment (capable of both horizontal and vertical cuts) for a wide variety of baked goods. Whether it is simply removing muffin tops or slicing cleanly through robust product with sticky inclusions, our equipment can handle it. From 20 products per minute all the way to 320 products per minute – you will get the slicing equipment to fit your needs.

RIANTA SL3 - Slicing
Slicing machines are designed for the slicing of toast, wheat and mixed bread with a medium output range.
Bread decrusters cut off the crust of bread that has not been freely baked in two successive operations. If the bread has also to be de-crusted on the front sides afterwards, an industrial slicer is needed.
Our bread cutting solutions are rounded up by disc slicers, which are perfectly suitable for slicing bun-shaped bakery products, as well as bread cutters.


Increasing Automation and Productivity

Stacking solutions are mainly used in the food industry in the production of flatbread to further increase automation and productivity. The flatbread is being prepared for the bagging and closing process by pressing, stacking and turning for a nice appearance at the point of sale.

RIANTA VA460 & SVF450 - Stacking
Flatbread stacker with packaging machine

For the industrial processing of baked flatbreads, Rianta has developed a special stacking solution. The system is designed to be connected to production lines with two, three or four rows, so three variants and numerous options cover a wide range of product and capacity requirements. 75 products/min. per line can be stacked in the highest performance level. A simple coupling with a downstream bagging and closing machine is warranted by consolidation of the single lines flatbread-stacks to only one line.
  • Optimal accessibility and cleanability
  • Operator convenience
  • Format flexibility
  • Reduction of the operating expenses
  • Three variants and numerous options available

Bagging & Closing

Machine Solutions for every Production Scale

Whether you are packaging bread, tortillas, pasta, or confections, our equipment can accommodate your needs. Rianta Packaging Systems offers both semi and fully automatic bagging machines. Our smallest machines are perfect for hand loading small batches for specialty product runs. While our fully automatic machines can package up to 75 packages per minute.
RIANTA BFS300 und SF1500 - Bagging & Closing
Bagging and closing machine like this one are ideal for semiautomatic packaging of whole and sliced bread loaves, bread portions, flatbreads, rolls, fruit, textile or technical products which are closed by a clip.
RIANTA VA460 - Bagging & Closing
High-speed packaging of whole bread loaves, sliced loaves and similar bakery products is possible with our universal bread baggers.
Clip Solutions

A variety of closure options for your bakery products is possible. Bagged products can arrive at our machines in either a vertical or a horizontal fashion and can be closed with the device of your choice. Capable of quick change-outs, your equipment can be moved from line to line and used with a wide variety of products. From the standard plastic clip and sealed closures to tamper evident closures including our very popular, proprietary ClipStrip plus.

Flexible Closing Solutions

RIANTA BS900 - Flexible Closing Solutions
RIANTA BS200-45 - Flexible Closing Solutions
RIANTA DC - Flexible Closing Solutions
Clipfix bag closing machines from Rianta can be combined with horizontally working bag fillers/flow wrappers.
Clip closure for pre-filled bag packages of every kind is possible with our bag closing machines.
Combination with vertical bag forming, filling and closing machines is also possible.
Clip Tutorial
Popular and tamper evident: ClipStrip plus

The very popular, proprietary ClipStrip plus closing system gives consumers peace of mind that their product has not been tampered with.

  • metal free
  • tamper evident
  • re-closable
  • printable
  • recyclable
  • customizable to your brand colors
"Rianta Packaging Systems covers all necessary processes for the packaging of food and bakery products. Together with a worldwide service net and our life cycle management program, our customers get a comprehensive solution for a successful food production."

Davor Kovacevic, Managing Director

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